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Dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder (DCD), is a chronic condition that begins in childhood that causes difficulties with motor (movement) skills and coordination. - The Cleveland Clinic

Deep Dive into Dyspraxia


About Dyspraxia

Coordination difficulties are the main feature of dyspraxia/DCD, affecting large (gross motor) and small (fine motor) body movements. Children with dyspraxia/DCD can also experience difficulties with organisation, planning, attention, memory and processing speed. Some have difficulties with speech and language. For more information, visit the Dyspraxia Foundation webpage

Maryland Treatment Centers

Occupational therapy can help children who struggle with organization, planning, and physical coordination to become more independent and to participate more easily in school and social situations. This is achieved through an initial evaluation with an occupational therapist to identify the child’s specific goal(s), customized intervention to reach identified goal(s), and an outcome evaluation to see if the goal(s) were met. The Focus Foundation has occupational therapy and other services as well. For more information visit the Focus Foundation webpage.

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