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Pediatric Fibromyalgia

Juvenile fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain in muscles and soft tissues all over the body. It is most common in adolescent girls, with most pediatric patients diagnosed between ages 13 and 15. - John Hopkins Medicine

Deep Dive into Pediatric Fibromyalgia


About Pediatric Fibromyalgia

While the cause is unknown, fibromyalgia tends to run in families. Juvenile fibromyalgia sometimes develops in children who have experienced a physical trauma, surgery, infection or major psychological stress, though it can begin gradually over time despite no single obvious trigger. Visit the Johns Hopkins Medicine Pediatric Fibromyalgia page for more information.

Maryland Treatment Center

Key points about pediatric fibromyalgia

  • Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain in muscles and soft tissues all over the body.

  • It's most common in middle-aged women. But children can also have the condition.

  • Symptoms may also include lack of energy (fatigue), sleep problems, headaches and other problems.

  • It's not known if fibromyalgia in a child continues into adulthood.

The Children's National Hospital webpage provides more information about treatment options.

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