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Migraines in Children

Migraine symptoms can be a disruptive part of any child’s life, and unfortunately, they are relatively common among children. Migraine attacks occur in about 10% of children ages 5 to 15 and in nearly one-third of teenagers. Migraine can cause children to miss school or extracurricular activities and can impact their overall enjoyment of life. - Norton Children's

Deep Dive into Migraines in Children


About Migraines in Children

For many children, migraine pain is strong enough to miss school, sports or work until the migraine subsides. Physical activities can make the pain worse, and some kids who try to continue with their usual routine during a migraine may become nauseous and vomit.

Migraine symptoms in kids are very similar to symptoms in adults, and since a tendency toward migraine may be passed from parent to child, parents already may know some of the signs. For more information, visit the Norton Children's webpage.

Maryland Treatment Center

The Children's National Headache clinic helps children and adolescents with chronic, debilitating head pain, headaches and migraines. We work to identify the cause and find an effective way to help children manage their headaches. Visit the Children's National Headache clinic webpage for more information.

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